NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

May 18, 2019

Hello makeup junkies! Today we will review the brand new NYX total control drop foundation. As quirky as its name, this foundation is loved by the beauty fanatics for all the good reasons. NYX is such a well-known brand and this brand is loved for the variations it brings to the makeup industry. You name it and they have it. From face products to the nail polish remover, this brand is nailing everywhere. This one is a dominant brand for a very long time.

This is going to be an on-point NYX Total Control Drop Foundation review.

Let me tell you a little about this brand for those of you who have not heard about it much.

About the brand: NYX  is a US Based makeup brand that is loved by all the cosmetic lovers on a global level and it is a favorite brand of beauty bloggers worldwide because this one offers the top-notch quality of professional makeup & beauty products and they come up with such unique packaging every time they launch their new product. The variation ranges from the highly pigmented gorgeous lipsticks and glosses, beautiful eyeshadows, eye and lip liners, high to medium coverage makeup foundations, concealers, and primers for all the skin types from normal to oily and combination. They literally have everything from big high range luxury products to even the smallest of makeup items.

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Product Description:

  • This foundation is a lightweight foundation that does not feel heavy on the skin and is a perfect match for the oily and combination skin type.
  • It is a buildable foundation, you can add on more depending on the coverage you want and it would look simply beautiful without giving you an artificial and cakey look.
  • It feels really smooth on the skin and glides on well.
  • Nyx total control drop foundation has a beautiful matte finish and gives medium to high coverage.
  • It includes a dropper that gives you a hassle free application and is super travel-friendly.
  • The packaging is solid and this is something that you can always expect from the NYX. They never compromise on the packaging.
  • The texture is velvety and goes really smooth on the skin.
  • The staying power is quite good. It does stay for more than 6 hours and does not oxidize.
  • You will find a variety of shades.

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Packaging:  It comes with a dropper and you can easily use it. Just add 2-3 drops of foundation and for high coverage look, you can add more drops. It is a travel-friendly product.

Texture: It has a velvet texture and gives a matte finish. Perfect for a no makeup look in the summers.

Staying power: Nyx total control drop foundation stays for a good 6 hours and even more sometimes. It does not oxidize easily and does not make you oily. It is a great buy.

How to apply: You can apply this foundation with the kabuki brush, beauty blender or even with the fingers. The best coverage comes when you use it along with the primer to make it stay for a long time.

Shelf life: This has a shelf life of 2-3 years.

Price: Nyx total control drop foundation comes at the price of 1250 INR for 13ml.  NYX is loved for honesty. The prices are decided according to their target customers and they never compromise in their department. The price is justified for the quality they are giving in and this bottle lasts for a very good time. It’s a good deal overall.

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Quality: Quality is at par and the reviews are great. This foundation is best suitable for combination and oily skin type. People with dry skin can use a good hydrating moisturizer and then use it. it just works well that ways.


Nyx Total Control Drop foundation shades:

This foundation comes in a variety of shades and they have created a foundation shade for every skin color.

  1. Porcelain: Neutral undertone.
  2. Light: Cool undertone
  3. Medium olive: Warm undertone.
  4. True Beige: Warm undertone.
  5. Medium olive: Warm undertone
  6. Buff: Warm undertone
  7. Classic Tan: Neutral undertone
  8. Golden honey: Neutral undertone
  9. Mohogany: Warm undertone
  10. Deep sable: Warm undertone
  11. Mocha: Warm undertone.


Why buy NYX total control drop foundation:

  • The quality and texture are super smooth and it gives a flawless natural finish.
  • It is easy to build this foundation and you can get the desired coverage. You can use it in the daytime for medium coverage and for a night look, you can simply use more drops to add on the coverage. This foundation does not get oxidized.
  • The quantity is decent for this much price. This bottle will stay for long so it’s a good deal that ways.
  • The packaging is sturdy. It is a travel-friendly product and the bottle looks very nice and the dropper makes it easy for a hassle-free application. There is no wastage of product. They have come up with smart packaging.
  • The staying power is good, it would stay for at least 6 hours and more.
  • The foundation is easily blendable. The consistency is thin and liquid and it is easy to blend it and looks very natural on the skin.
  • It comes in so many different shades and you can easily the perfect one that matches your skin color.

My final verdict: It is a very good foundation overall. From packaging to the quality, NYX has done complete justice with this product and it will be a great lightweight foundation for your skin in this hot season. If you are looking or a natural foundation that gives you medium coverage and does not clog your pores and does not get oxidized then this one is a great pick. The price is affordable and the product stays for a long time. This product has great reviews and is a great fit for oily skin people. It does not make you look like an oil factory and looks very natural on the skin.

Price – Click to Check Price & Buy on Amazon

This was a complete NYX total control drop foundation Review.

Let us know your views about this foundation. Have you used this foundation already or are you planning to splurge on one? We are all ears. See you next time with another honest review of a beauty product.

Stay tuned.

Shefali Tuteja

Hi there! I am an aspiring beauty and lifestyle blogger. I have been blogging for few years now. My sole purpose is to motivate every woman out there because I feel you all are beautiful in your own

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